mandag 30. november 2009

Jazkamer 2010 monthly CD-series

In 2010 Pica Disk ventures on its most ambitious project yet: to release one Jazkamer CD-album every month of the year.

The Jazkamer 2010-series will be 12 proper new albums. The idea is to keep things exciting all the way, so in keeping with Jazkamer’s eclectic tradition of making very different sounding records, each monthly album will cover the wide (non)musical range Jazkamer has become known for since they started in 1998. This includes:

• First studio recordings of the metal line-up since ”Metal Music Machine” album
• New ”Art Breaker”-style grindcore recordings
• New ”Panic”-style broken-blues material
• Collaborations with John Wiese, Putrefier, Government Alpha and others
• Material with regular four-piece line-up of Hegre, Marhaug, Gross and Drønen
• And much more. Expect some surprises along the way also.

The CD’s will be packaged in proper digipak covers, and each will feature artwork by a different visual artist, like Savage Pencil, Martín Escalante, Jose de Diego, Justin Bartlett, Yasutoshi Yoshida and others.

Subscription in Europe: 156 US $ (= 13$ per CD, including postage)
Subscription rest of the World: 180 US $ (= 15$ per CD, including postage)

Make payment to Paypal-account:

For this price you will receive one Jazkamer album in the mail every month. The price includes postage. The CD’s will also be available separately, but then at regular prices.

Pica Disk:

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